What's 'Being Nice' Again?
- Interactional Skills


Typically, bad days involve a horrible interaction with someone. It can be your partner, friend, boss, colleague, child or stranger; when you can’t kick the feeling of being hurt, disappointed, confused, angry or any other awful feeling – it is likely that that person has had an impact on you.


Impact? Well, I communicate and behave in a certain way towards you, for instance, I may compliment or understand you, and this may leave you feeling content or even happy. However, if I ridicule or blame you, you may be left feeling hurt, angry or even worthless.


This talk aims to explore the idea of interacting more effectively with others and for us to consider what our behaviours are really saying and doing to those around us.

Don't Lose Yourself - The Reality of Burnout


Our lives are fast paced, our jobs are stressful, the demands are high, our rewards are few and far between and our roles are plentiful.


Running on this continuous, unforgiving wheel of life can put strain on us emotionally, physically and on our relationships with others. We have too many roles and try to fulfil them all perfectly. Except for perhaps the role of YOU, as an individual.


This cannot last forever, and usually our warning signs are that of burnout.


What is burnout? What does it look like? How does it feel? How to prevent it? How to reduce it when it arrives? These are the questions explored in this talk.

Why Don't We Work Anymore?
- Couple Incompatibility


If you feel that your relationship’s ‘better days’ are behind you – the times when your love ran freely, when you enjoyed your partner’s company, when you felt you were a team – then this talk is for you and your partner.


Noted things have changed: you’re older, your hobbies are different, you don’t look the way you did when you met, work and children have taken priority – BUT none of this has changed how compatible you are with each other… you INTERACT with each other has.


This talk will explore what interactions make couples incompatible with one another.

One Day When I Am Big - Career Counselling


Working is such an important part of our lives, it can provide us with: financial stability, psychological stimulation, acknowledgement, meaning for life, fulfilment of interests and passions, personal growth, success, prestige and so much more.


Conversely, if we find ourselves in a career or job that does not provide us with any of the above – we are often left frustrated, depressed, bored and stuck.


Career counselling can take place at many stages of our lives – subject choices, deciding on tertiary education, changing jobs or careers.


This talk will cover the basics of career counselling – career goals, CV compilation, applying for jobs, interviewing skills and negotiating skills.

(Trainings / Presentations / Lessons / Guest Speaker / Workshops)


It has come to my attention how interested individuals are in the phenomena of psychology as well as the diverse nature of this field. I believe that there is so much value in knowledge sharing to assist and aid others – even at a broader scale rather than only in individual therapy.


In particular, my aim is to impart knowledge and skills through the medium of presentations, guest speaking, workshops and even lessons for numerous settings: schools, organisations, churches and any other sector who would find value in this offering.


Standard ‘talks’ are discussed below based on my passions, experience and expertise, which can be altered according to audience, time duration and occasion. However, I would also be happy to hear from you regarding what your needs are and we could see whether it would be possible to create something tailor-made for you.