Adolescent Therapy


The transition from childhood into adulthood is sometimes a bumpy ride. Teenagers are in the life phase where they desire to become more independent and self-reliant yet struggle to do so due to the boundaries they need to live within. This, as well as, many other exciting and sometimes difficult experiences they go through during this time, can result in challenges.


My aim would be to create a safe environment where teens can be heard and understood far away from the pressures and expectations of their outside world. We will work on practical, yet effective ways of problem solving their difficulties, learning to manage their emotions and help them to cope better in their ever changing environment.

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Play Therapy


Play therapy, with children ages 6 to 12 years old, is presented in a fun and light-hearted manner. I attempt to enter the child’s world to gain a clear sense of what their difficulties are, in a non-threatening way. My aim would be to empower the child with problem-solving skills as well as equip them with coping mechanisms to look after themselves in the future more effectively.


Parents are involved in this process as well. Initially, I would need to meet with the parents to find out what their concerns are about their child and to obtain a full history of the child’s development.


In addition, a few parental counselling sessions would be requested as to assist parents to support their child from their side during this therapeutic process, as well as, to maintain their well-being afterwards. It would also be used as a platform to exchange feedback both from therapist-to-parents and parents-to-therapist regarding the child’s challenges and/or improvements.

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Adult Therapy


Life is not always easy and often clients find it difficult to be understood completely by those around them, leaving them feeling alone, misunderstood, frustrated, vulnerable and stuck.


Adult therapy is conducted using an individualistic approach – there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ here. My aim would be to identify what the client is currently going through and provide a safe, comfortable space for them to express themselves. Ultimately showing the client different techniques and skills to guide them to alleviate their difficulties and manage their environment and relationships better.

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Individual Therapy