Couple's Therapy

‘Til death do us part’ or ‘I will always love you’ at times feels like a ‘tall order’. Just as within any relationship, partners may not be getting along and find it difficult to work through their difficulties alone.

Consenting to couple’s therapy, in my eyes, is committing to try and work on the relationship from both partners sides. If both partners are willing to try re-igniting the flame or at least having a better understanding of what is going on in their relationship – then couple therapy is a great way to start this journey.

My aim would be to assist each partner to eliminate their psychological complaints. For this reason, I would start couple therapy with each partner coming to individual therapy sessions until such time as it would be effective to work on their relationship as a whole, in joint therapy.

This process is designed for the couple to ultimately have a clear sense of what each partner is doing in their relationship, which is blocking them from enjoying each other’s company. The aim would then be to work on these aspects using specific techniques, skills and insight as to ultimately create relief for both partners.

Couple’s therapy is not only for married couples, but any couple in an intimate or partnership relationship which would like to improve their interactions or communication.

Therapy terms and conditions


Pre-marital Therapy


The ring, the dress, the cake, the honeymoon – so many exciting things to look forward to, once two people have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Just as you would like to prepare for a perfect wedding, would you not like to also prepare for a meaningful, happy marriage?


Pre-marital therapy involves looking at the happy, excited, giddy couple and capitalizing on their current experience. A happy relationship or marriage is like a garden, in order for it to grow into a beautiful landscape, it needs a solid foundation with fertilized soil and an excess of nourishments so that it can weather the storms and sunshine that may lie ahead. My aim would be to assist the couple in creating a robust foundation from which their relationship can only grow stronger.

Therapy Terms and Conditions