Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments are psychological tools or aids which are used to develop a thorough evaluation of the client. The psychological assessments are combined with one or more interviews and history taking to gain a clear picture of the client’s intelligence, emotions, personality or psychiatric functioning and/or a combination of these. The types of assessments conducted are dependent on the reason or purpose of referral. Assessments offered at this practice are the following:


Career Counselling


Career counselling can take place at many stages of one’s career. Namely: selecting subjects at a secondary school level, deciding on a tertiary educational course, applying for jobs, changing of careers and developing one’s career. This all involves identifying the client’s interests, intellect, values, priorities, drivers, obstacles, education, experience and lifestyle. Thus, a thorough investigation into the client, as a whole, is needed in order to guide and assist the client in choosing their new career journey.


General Scholastic Assessments


Children and teenagers may be struggling at school for a variety of reasons. A general scholastic assessment is conducted to gain an overall perception of how your child is coping in terms of their intellectual/cognitive functioning and emotional/behavioural well-being.


Adult psychological assessments


Adults may be struggling in their personal capacity or within their work setting. A general adult psychological assessment would involve assessing the client’s intellectual/cognitive functioning, emotional/behavioural well-being and if necessary, psychiatric functioning.




As mentioned, the type of assessment conducted is dependent on the reason or purpose of referral. Thus, assessments can be tailor made according to the knowledge the client would like to obtain.



*Note: Assessments are often tailor-made according to the client’s request / referral; a period of at least two weeks needs to be given, prior to assessment, in order for the appropriate assessments to be sourced.