Group Therapy / Courses

Being surrounded by like-minded people who have similar needs and goals can be such a poweful, enlightening experience. Although it may not feel like it at times, there is a strong likelihood that there are other people out there which have similar feelings, needs, interests and struggles as you do. These groups and short-courses allow you to meet up with these people often resulting in a sense of belonging and feeling undestood. 


The group therapies will be more based on the groups needs at the time regarding the specific topic at hand. Group therapies will allow members the opportunity for an open platform to discuss or listen to other people's experiences as well as to learn and develop skills related to the topic. Anyone can join a group at anytime and anyone can leave a group at any time too - how long you remain in the group is dependent on your needs.


The short courses, on the other hand, are more based on a structured framework of learning, exploring and implementing new ways of thinking and behaviour in order to meet your needs. The focus is more on gaining an understanding of the topic at hand and to learn and implement new skills to meet our desired needs. The short courses will commence on a specific date and have an end date. There will be set group members and commitment to each group is vital for completion.


*Note: a minimum of 5 group members are needed for the groups / courses  to take place.

The Relationship Booster
- A Short Course


Whether you have been in a relationship or marriage for some time and you are looking to re-ignite or boost the spark or whether you are just about to tie the knot and want to start off with a strong foundation - the relationship booster is for you.


This short course teaches you and your partner to understand each other, communicate better with each other and to optimise your relationship in a fun, relaxed, learning environment. 


The short course is a 12 week course and requires commitment to the sessions. Simple, fun, interesting homework activities will be given weekly to keep up the spark and improve your relationship one change at a time.  


Course will take place: Thursday evenings, from 18:30-20:30

Limited seats available; registration closes on the 15th of May

Please contact the practice for more information.

- Group Therapy


The loss of a significant loved one can turn one's life upside down. Nothing seems the same without the person that meant the world to you. There are so many questions, so many feelings and at the same time this sense of numb and emptiness. During the bereavement process there are times where you may be surrounded by so many people yet still feel so alone.  


Group therapy allows for the opportunity to meet other people going through the same or similar difficulties you are. It provides a platform to discuss the hardships and struggles as well as to be able to share with others the aspects that you may have found peace with. Being surrounded by other people who 'get you' and 'get what you are going through' is therapeutic in itself. In addition, certain theoretical work will introduced as well as the group coming up with certain 'skills' to help each other through the tough days. Bereavement can be lonely enough as it is, you needn't have to go through it alone too.

Break the isolation 
- Group Therapy


"No man is an island" and for a good reason! People are social beings - we need to connect, we need to interact, we need to experience a sense of belonging - it is what brings us great happiness. 


But this is sometimes easier for some than others. Have you just moved into the Vaal triangle and don't know anybody? Are you looking for more meaningful relationships with others but don't know where to meet people? Do you long for a friendship / relationship but the thought of socializing or meeting someone scares you? This group is for you.


In this group, you will have the opportunity to learn a little more about what a relationship involves, how to make and maintain meaningful relationships, and explore different ways of 'breaking your isolation'.